Artist Tanya Martin -uk

All original's sold

Tanya Martin Artist

This artist's favourite media is Oil's -

watercolour and acrylics are second choice

This artist has been both recognised and puiblished on many occassions. Inclusively by vogue magazine.and the papers magazines.

to find out more cantact the artist

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Artist Bio

Original oil painting's by Artist Tanya Martin U,K    Selling and exhibiting Global.  Currently Shipping to all countries.  For all inquiries you can visit the contact page and send an email or you can call us on the number at the top of the page. You can request further  photo's of the original oil painting's by email.  For further photo's in greater detail or with any questions. please above.


Vogue Masterpiece  February edition 2013/Published

This will be released on the 10th of January 2013  photos will be added after this date.


Nhs 2008-2009 Annual/.Published

over million viewers..


January 2012 Cork Street Art Gallery London/published

Art erotica exhibition, cork street  London 2012   "The best seat in the house"2012 


Interiors Art Exhibition 2011/Published

"Interiors"   exhibition.    6th july - 12th November 2011,City Arts and the institute of mental health.Sir Colin Campbell Building, university of Nottingham, innovation park,Triumph road. 2011



Silent poetry Exhibition 2010/Published

Glass house Gallery Coventry. collaboration. Tanya Martin and Tim Essex.


Open up Exhibition/published

Silent poetry"  exhibition.  2009-10  The "open up" exhibition-The old Art Gallery , Leamington spa, west midlands.2009 ,publishing's , published on first exhibition and i have had my art used in all paper work and leaflets ,etc, still up to today for the past 4 years.

Any further question's or information do not hesitate to contact me. Warmest wishes.

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