Art Titled: Without you


Edition of 3 only


This exclusive limited edition is not only a rare find but unique in both style and creation. Which is a credit to not only the artist but the actual art itself.

The original painting which was created in 2011 was subject to a huge professional art theft.

The artist was and has been persued for her works ever since. The artist although still alive today is of ill health due to her hellish ordeal she was lead to  suffer because of her incresing acnowledgment of her publicity and inique art style which often portreyed the almost sad life she was maid to live.

The Artist doesn't require to be publicly known due to the afore mentioned.

You can contact us and we can arange direct contact with this artist if you so wish.

The Art itself is much sought after.

Free Delivery- insured & recorded


£ 5.800

This limited edition is of a very good size itself unframed on giclee natural canvas is of the finest quality which can be found today.

The Artist hand embellishes and signs the limited edition works.

The Artist fingerprint's the works in the back. These prints are colour coded for your'e own exclusivity as a collector of fine arts.

The artist hand signs a certificate of authenticity and this will arrive on the day of youre recorded delivery with youre registered address.

About this artist

The artist has been invited to exhibit again in italy later on this year,

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